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James Lewis Dunn

8871 SE 72nd Place

Mercer Island, WA 98040

Phone: (206) 236-2915 Cell: (206) 409-8428 Email: JLDunn@ATTBI.com

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Instrumentation and Controls Engineer





30 years experience in engineering and design of control systems for industrial processes. Experience includes DCS and PLC programming and implementation, instrument and control device specifications and engineering design packages. For the last 12 years have been Lead I&C Engineer designing process control systems for industrial facilities. Process equipment includes Pulp and Paper, Evaporators, Crystallizers, Clarifiers, Spray Dryers, Compressors, ROs and EDI systems.




Ionics/RCC, Bellevue, Washington                                                           1991 to 2002

Lead I&C Engineer


Lead Control System Engineer

Responsible for complying with client requirements and developing process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs). Direct the control system engineering work to specify the field instruments and control devices, produce the design packages and program the DCS/PLCs. Work with process equipment vendors to interface their control systems with ours. Work with our clients to interface our control systems with theirs.

Responsible for estimating control system equipment and manpower.

Evaluate client proposal specifications and project documents. Work with Purchasing and instrumentation and control system vendors to price the equipment for the project. Work with the engineering manager to estimate engineering and programming hours required for completion. Work with process equipment vendors to supply compatible controls and devices to meet the proposal specifications.

Coordinate control system work with other disciplines

Work with the Process, Mechanical, and Electrical groups to make sure the instruments and controls are implemented properly in their design packages. Review submitted vendor data for compliance with our specifications.


Resources Conservation Company, Bellevue, Washington                     1981 to 1991

I&C Engineer


Instrumentation and controls specifications

Developed ISA specification forms for all field instruments, calculate size and specify control valves to match pump curves and process conditions.

Design packages for construction.

Instrument Index, Installation Detail Drawings, Wiring Drawings, Loop Drawings, etc.

Control System Design

Design control panels and graphic displays when required.

Specify and design DCS/PLC systems and enclosures.

Program DCS/PLC Systems

For DCS systems work with the various vendors to program them using their standard documentation and procedures. For PLC systems program them using our standard ladder logic and graphic symbols. Design logic diagrams for systems programmed by others.

Startup and field support

Travel to the site to check out field instruments and verify calibration. Check out DCS/PLC systems and computers and load software. Train operators on the various control systems and tune the process control loops.


Achievements at RCC

         Responsible for the decision to standardize on CAD Computer Aided Design (AutoCad).

         Responsible for the decision to standardize on PLC based controls.

         Designed and implemented the first computer based operator interface computers.

         Designed and implemented the first computer based instrument index.

         Designed and implemented the first computer based ISA instrument forms.

         Designed and implemented the first computer based instrument installation details.

         Designed and implemented the first CAD control system highway architecture drawings.

         Designed and implemented the first CAD control system logic diagrams.

         Designed and implemented the first CAD control system loop diagrams.

         Designed and implemented data extraction to database from AutoCad P&ID drawings. Data was automatically loaded into ISA spec forms and Excel spreadsheets. Information from the spreadsheets could be re-imported back into the drawings.


Experience Prior to 1981                                                                           1970 to 1981 



Most of my experience before 1981 was as a contract engineer and designer.  Job assignments included several years at Procter & Gamble, and a year or so at Parsons, Kaiser Engineers, Hooker Chemical, AM Kinney Co., and Diamond International.



Ohio College of Applied Sciences 1970-72

Vendor specific training for Allen-Bradley, Honeywell TDC, Bailey Net 90, Westinghouse WDPF, Fisher Provox, Modicon, Foxboro IA



Member ISA Instrument Society of America